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Can't log in to EBa

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Can't log in to EBay. writes "Access To Website Blocked" . Via other browsers (Chrome, Edge) I go in normally. I did a complete browser cleanup, but it doesn't help.

Can't log in to EBay. writes "Access To Website Blocked" . Via other browsers (Chrome, Edge) I go in normally. I did a complete browser cleanup, but it doesn't help.

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Hi, is that the entire text, or is there anything else?

Some users are getting incomplete page loads on eBay due to strict Enhanced Tracking Protection. If the shield icon at the left end of the bar has turned from grayish to purplish, go ahead and click that and try turning off ETP for the site by clicking the slider switch at the top of the panel. Any difference?

Is there anything unusual about your connection, such as routing through a VPN?

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I disabled the protection, it doesn't make any difference. I don't use a VPN((

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I see, that is the only text they give you. It's not very much information.

I searched that phrase and there seem to be some eBay support threads. One official reply suggests not using old bookmarks or shortcuts, but starting at https://www.ebay.com/ :

Otherwise, people seem to be trying random things:

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I've also had this problem for the last few days. I've always run FF via VPN with addons CanvasBlocker and WebGl fingerprint Blocker. I'm also spoofing the browser agent. Although I did update FF to version 79.0, Enhanced tracking was there before and enabled as the default.

It was only by chance when Ebay stopped working that I found the 'Enhanced Tracking Protection' is on for their site and Ebay worked when I turned it off. I think Ebay have changed their web pages? Ebay fingerprinting starts the moment you click on their URL, even when not logged in.

Ebay, Amazon and PayPal seem to be the worst sites for tracking. Previously I could block them and put up with multiple requests to complete Captchas which isn't a good shopping experience. Playing around allowing some cookies to persist can get around that, but I prefer all cookies to be cleared after FF shutdown.

I think FF does the right thing to set the Advanced tracking on by default, but there should be an option to whitelist sites automatically which won't load when ATP is on? I've found FF 'exceptions' screens grayed out and can't put any urls in them. Until then, others may find Browsers without this protection work and FF doesn't. FF users users who prioritise their online shopping over tracking protection may get frustrated and switch to another browser. But if you do other things, even with tracking off the tracking info can be spoofed and once you log in to buy or pay for something, you are effectively tracked anyway.

I think capturing our private data via web browsers and fingerprinting is inoquous and seems to have become the new norm alternative to using cookies. I frequently get messages saying my PC is a new device, proving I must be doing something right to protect myself! I just want more control over FF Advanced Tracking protection please?

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wolf1245 said


Just a note, there was no need to post the link multiple times as there should be a message saying "A moderator must manually approve your post before it will be visible" due to the link. So you know in the future.

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