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Underlining a blank space in a Web address

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How do I underline a blank space in a website address? The underline is there on Word for Mac, but when I paste in the address on Firefox, the underline disappears.

How do I underline a blank space in a website address? The underline is there on Word for Mac, but when I paste in the address on Firefox, the underline disappears.

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Hi donfaulkner, Firefox shouldn't remove an underline (underscore character => _ ) from a URL, but if a blank space is underlined in Word because the whole link is underlined, then it may show up as a blank space in Firefox.

Is the problem with pasting a link into an email compose window or similar online editor? Usually there's a button to create a hyperlink, so you can select the entire URL and then click the button so the site knows to include those additional words after the space.

Or is it some other context?

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The problem is I don't know how to create an underlined space in a URL when I am typing it directly into Firefox. How do I do it? And is there a way to speak directly with a human being employed by Firefox?

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Hmm, what do you mean by "speak"? There is no official phone support. How do you feel about chat?

Can you give an example of a URL that has a space in it?

Note: using a URL in your post will delay its appearance while it passes through the spam link moderation queue. It will appear eventually.

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https://2020censusautomatedclassroomtraining.com/podcast nrfu.

The space between "podcast" and "nrfu" needs to be underlined (underscored?), but I can't find any keyboard command to do so. I can underline the space in Word for Mac, but when I copy and paste the address into Firefox, the space is left, but the underline is gone (as above).

Chat is fine, but not until 10:00 AM Mountain time tomorrow. Now it's time to walk the dogs and put my farm to bed.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. Have a good evening.

Don Faulkner

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Hi Don! On my PC the underscore is the right shift button + the button to the left of it, but I have a Swedish keyboard, with a minus and an underscore on it. If I copy a link I usually copy with the menu button and then choose "Copy link". Hope this helped you.

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Not seeing the underscore merely means that the space character isn't recognized as being part of the link (i.e. it is a separator). You would have to encode spaces as %20 (encodeURIComponent()) like you would get if you copy the URL from the location bar.

HTML code that allow the enclose a link in quotes would work.

  • <a href="https://2020censusautomatedclassroomtraining.com/podcast nrfu">link</a>

It is not recommended to include spaces in a link and better is to use the underscore instead especially in cases where you want to copy/paste a link.

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I fear that if you type in a _ for the space then the server might not be able to find the linked item.

What I would look at is where you are pasting the URL: how does that editor let you create a link that encompasses the entire URL including the wording after the space. That might be selecting it and clicking a link button, or there might be another method like using %20 for the space.

(Instead of %20 some sites use a + for spaces in a URL, like search engines, so there some inconsistency.)

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And by the way here are some good reasons not to use Apple products: https://stallman.org/apple.html