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Reminder emails from a favorite web site have recently been blocked. How do I restore them?

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Hi gmpare, do you mean the email messages are directed to a Junk folder, or the email messages get returned to sender by your email account?

Generally speaking, each email service provider (e.g., Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Xfinity, etc.) has its own settings panels for how bulk mail should be handled.

Or do you mean you get the messages, but when you open them to view their contents, Firefox can't display them properly? In that case, could you give a little more information about what you see -- for example:

  • message body is blank
  • message body is partially missing
  • a rectangular area of the message mentions that Firefox cannot make a secure connection or it cannot be displayed in this context (could you copy/paste the message into a reply here)


For reference: https://support.mozilla.org/questions/1299190#question-reply