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I used to love Firefox. But now I am going to delete it. Every time I sign in there is another update! Enough already. The program works fine --- LEAVE IT ALONE!

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Hi wroberts2, are you running the Extended Support Release of Firefox 68? That version gets limited updates, approximately monthly with occasional emergency ones in between. The latest update was last Tuesday:


You definitely should not be offered new updates daily, although if you told Firefox to remind you later, you may get one or two reminders per day.

If Firefox keeps trying to reinstall the same update over and over, that can indicate there is a "stuck" update that isn't getting cleared. To check for and clear a stuck update, open this folder in Windows' File Explorer:


What you find here will usually be one folder per product, so one folder for the Extended Support Release, one folder for the regular release, whatever you have installed. Double-click into the most relevant folder, then if you see an updates sub-folder, double-click into that. Staged updates are stored in numbered folders. For example:


If you have any non-empty numbered folders, you can delete them and eventually Firefox will, if necessary, download that update again. If you find empty folders, you can either ignore those or delete them.

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