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Help... plz! Firefox masterpassword has me locked out, no access to 3 yrs of biz passwords and data.

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Hi all! I know this isn't the first time you've heard this... I've been fighting with this master password issue since the middle of July and I've exhausted all the options I'm aware of. I have tried to reset my password several times but the ""Master Password Box "" keeps popping up (even while typing this) and none of my previous nor current passwords open it and it's required before i can login to access any of my data and passwords etc.. Which i do not know what the password is anymore. I did know it bc i typed it in several times a day.... either Microsoft update or Mozz update happened and that password is useless now and i can not afford to lose this information!!! As stated, I'm losing biz as i type PLUS i can't pay my bills until I get back into my data. My IPhone and iPad and other devices are all caught up in this mess as well. I feel absolutely hopeless! One would think if you donate several hundred $ a year to Mozz and you'd think there would be some sort priority support for Donors. My other devices can't sign in either... Ive tried most everything I've seen in support and nothing seems to work. I feel as though the more i mess with it the deeper I'm sinking! I have a back up that is from 2018 which gaps the last 2 years of data and PW.. I Still have my old recovery key password that didn't work in the beginning when all of this happened, nor does windows master password work. I have everything backed up on a hard drive as well but I haven't gone down that road yet. I've been at this infinite loop for over a week now and I need some serious help please!!

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It's important to remember your master password. For security reasons, there are no other ways to undo the hashes to secrure your passwords. I would check to see if you have them backed up elsewhere.

Mozilla has never offered "priority support for donors."