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I am trying to get help with Accounts Recovery, Step 6 is 'enter password' I don't understand! I am to generate a totally new p/w? Then, I do NOT understand STEP 7 at all!

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I am trying to use ACCOUNTS RECOVERY, I am writing up the steps on paper, I got to STEP 6 : 'enter new password'..... first problem, Am I to generate a totally new password here? 2nd problem, I DO NOT understand at all what STEP 7 is all about? It means nothing to me! Help! Am I missing something? I am English by birth, maybe someone who is also English might help me? Just saying! I have always had excellent service from you all, but this has got me stumped! I guess I must be getting old! Now I have to go back & find the original Q, goodness only knows how I am going to make this all work when I am having problems in the first few steps! BTW, I am using Win 10 64 bit, with Firefox as my browser. Slim Sylv Adding note, it is the rest of the instructions I do not understand. Thanks SlimSylv

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I think you mean in this article:

Reset your Firefox Account password with Recovery Keys

I haven't tried it myself, but here is my interpretation.

The first list of steps is to generate your recovery keys so you can use them for Account Recovery later.

Step #6: This is before you have made any account changes, so you would enter your current password.

Step #7: You have three options for receiving your recovery keys. A common problem is that people store their recovery keys on their computer and their disk dies, or on their phone, and it gets lost or stolen, so in addition to a download, consider printing on paper or use some kind of secure cloud storage.

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Thank you for your input, I am so grateful,.......I get the idea of it all, I in fact write mine down in a little diary, what I was after was really more info, I read ahead, as the rest really didn't make sense to me?! ....A little more info, I do not currently have a mobile phone, I am now pushing 80 yo, & really have a big problem with using one, expect to ring my partner, I had one but the battery died & we are currently in discussions with Optus. Thank goodness for people like you & my partner, I haven't been out of our house for 18 months, I had a fall on an escalator, I had to give up my car. Etc etc! So, always very grateful for the suggestions from the Mozilla Community. Much Love to you all, stay safe.....SlimSylv

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Sorry, this was no doubt my fault, I do have problems expressing myself.....could you please expand on the next steps? Slim Sylv

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Hi Slim Sylv, what have you done so far?

The purpose of generating recovery keys is in case you forget/lose your Firefox Account login you will be able to reset it without losing all the data in it.

I'm assuming you are at the first stage of generating the keys and saving them somewhere? You don't already need to reset your Firefox Account password?

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