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sessionstore halfbroken backup (still increasing tabs into it) and places also broken but big in size. Sessionstore encodig recovery.

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Somehow the sessionstore just showed a blank tab, but (if opened with a text editor) the sessionstore file containts the complete session (even the latest tabs) but its not possible to recover from that. If you for example open 5 tabs and then close firefox (and wait 2 minutes and check in the task-manager that its closed) and then deleting everything in the 'sessionstore-backups' folder and then starting firefox, then the 5 tabs are there again. I have made backups the moment firefox was not working anymore, but firefox seems to anyhow not load them (have multiple recovery files saved after first problems, instantly). I got the folder from about:support 'open directory' but i'm using Linux (Linux Mint 19 - Firefox 77.0.1). Maybe sessions are saved elsewhere? Firefox even inreased the data inside of them by the new 5 Tabs, so they grow in size, and if you opened it in a text editor you could search the new tabs even, as far as i remember from yesterday. Then i don't remember the order of two things from yesterday:

1. I moved some recently 'changed' files from the profile folder and then move them back (i wanted to backup, but i moved and the problem was somehow firefox was starting at the same time, it was a mistake, and then i had trouble not knowing if the preferences are still the same, and since i updated from i think 64 to 77.0.1 (i have a list of important changes) some where different, for example i would never have geolocation enabled. but others like the deleted pocket links (in about:config) are still the way they are, so i wonder. and i had multiple files in the moment

2. the sessionstore now is little (5 tabs probably), i tried to delete session store very often, i dont know if it was after this? but probably. But like i said i don't remember it.

But now the new problem. The History and Book marks file does not work, i moved them away or deleted them (of course backup before that) because this was an online tip, but the restoring thing just worked for the bookmarks, and just something between i think 1-3 days ago.

The problem now is i can't recover ANYTHING anymore. I can not really read the recovery file with a text editor, many letters are red, with the linux text editor, it says translated something like "some symbols don't work, please choose encoding" and there are many:

UTF-8 Central European (WINDOWS-1250) Unicode (UTF-16) Western (IBM-850) Unicode (UTF-7) ...

Over 50 different probably. Some even crash the program, what is the encoding for the recovery file?

There needs to be an Extension that is able to import and read broken sessionstore files, and 'places' files.

Probably i was to greedy, but i made stupid mistake accidently.

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