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Need a Firefox Assistant Dealing with Millions of Bugs

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The latest is I can't search from the search bar with a new tab. This is after doing a migration. I erased Firefox and reinstalled the app and all of my data was still there. I reopened the session as if I had just closed a session and I was logged into gmail. So clearly Mozilla's instructions on deleting the app on MAC doesn't work. Recycle bin. How do you literally delete the app?

Hoping deletion will solve the issue of not being able to hit enter in the search bar to perform a google search, or click the arrow. Nothing works.

Further, I'm logged into this browser, yet when the tabs disappear I can't reaccess them. What's the point of logging into a browser if it doesn't remember the tabs?

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These issues are firefox exclusive not chrome or safari. I have a new firefox bug on another computer. When going to finance.yahoo.com and entering a stock it takes you back to Yahoo.com. Only on Firefox. Not on Chrome.

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Am I lost in the dark web or is someone actually on the other end of this support field?

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I'd pay to advertise the post if you have that feature

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Firefox stores session data in sessionstore.jsonlz4 that includes open/closed tabs and cookies for these tabs in the profile folder and uninstalling Firefox doesn't touch the profile folder.
You can remove the profile folder or you can create a new profile if you want to start with a fresh Firefox.