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Speedtest.net Results different than other browsers

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Speedtest.net is giving me different results than Vivaldi or Edge. The download testing speeds are all over the place and choppy compared to the other browsers, and a tad slower overall result too. The upload speeds are fine. What does this mean?

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The developers need to work harder to make Firefox look goods in online speed tests? ;-)

But seriously, I don't know what these results mean for real-world downloads. Also, when I'm downloading a large file, I usually have plenty of distractions while that happens and I'm not watching the clock.

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Firefox loads pages the fastest on my system compared to all the other Chromium browsers, so I'm not complaining. Do you have this problem as well? Am I alone in this?

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My results on that site differ radically between the classic Edge (fastest download), Chrome (middle), and Firefox (slowest download). Due to script blocking, at least in Firefox I don't have ads and overlays all over the page. ;-) Although of course some of those add-ons could partially explain the slower results...

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Got it. Thanks for your help.