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Firefox Browser keeps reverting to older version

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I use firefox browser for work, and sometimes when I open it it has changed back to some previous version - not the actual browser, it always says it's up to date, but my bookmarks and everything are old. And all of a sudden it won't remember any of my passwords. And then I'll open it another day and it will be back to normal with all the correct bookmarks and my passwords saved. Any ideas?

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No, they don't do that to our work PCs...

I am also IT staff (I am analyst-programmer and occasionally also do a little network admin stuff) so I have more accesses than regular users...

That said, we found the culprit...

A network admin that left ages ago had setted up a job to "update" our PC to Firefox 29...

The job was poorly written and kept trying to "update" any Firefox which was not version 29...

I would update my Firefox to the latest and I would see it downgraded to version 29 when their server would try to push the "update"...

I was not the only job which was trying to push older version of applications but it looks like only Firefox was happy with downgrading to version 29 from a later version...???

(the only switch that was used is -ms which I think is for a silent install...)

Would it be worth it to open a ticket to ask that Firefox not be so happy to downgrade to an earlier version?

Thank you and have a nice day!