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Twitter is broken on this browser. I have tried everything.

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Ever since late march twitter and spotify have been broken only on Firefox. On spotify all I see is a black screen, and on Twitter I get "something went wrong". On twitter If i leave the tab open for a couple of minutes the tweets will show up, but no button I press (like, retweet, etc) applies. I have tried everything I can think of. I cleared site data and it worked for about 60 seconds then broke again. I used a proxy. I uninstalled my extensions. I disabled windows defender. I refreshed my profile. I made a new profile. I uninstalled Firefox and deleted everything in appdata. The only solution that worked was installing an addon that reverted twitter back to the old layout, but that wont work after June 1st. Chrome, Edge, and Opera are working just fine.

When I visit Twitter the console says

When I go to Spotify it says

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@ hgob2 :

Please ignore   quickhelp's   post   -   it's a scam !


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