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Wrong IPv6 in cache

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Sometimes Firefox is having a wrong IPv6 in cache. Using the extension SixOrNot, I can see for the following IPv6 2001:41d0:fecf:8900:216:3eff:fe65:97bc, with the note "Cache". However, this IP corresponds to and the actual IPv6 for is 2001:41d0:fecf:8900:216:3eff:fef1:20a2. In order to temporary fix the issue, I perform a dig and it solves the issue for a while.

It is a rather new issue (few weeks).

What is going on?

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A check with the DSN Lookup tool (about:networking#dnslookuptool) confirms the IPs you posted although only the IPv6 differs (they have the same IPv4), so that might have caused it.

It is possible that the SixOrNot extension is broken or otherwise is malfunctioning and display wrong info.

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I should have said to make it clear that if I try to visit, Firefox display So SixOrNot display looks consistent. Is there a way to check at IPs are in cache in Firefox? Is there a way to clean this cache?


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please go to this link :

Firefox can't load websites but other browsers can

thank you...


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