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Browsing history weirdly limited view

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From a non-programmer who used Chrome a lot until recently:

If I hit Cntrl-H like I would in Chrome, I get a frustratingly limited view. Why does it not show timestamps? So I spend time searching and find out about the Library window, and Control+Shift+H. Okay, so that's at least making it possible to see timestamps. Typing this right now, I don't remember if I had to manually add a column to see timestamps, but if I did Jesus Christ. I nearly installed some other software (MZHistoryView) before finding out about Control+Shift+H, just to see timestamps.

Also, every time I press the awkward Control+Shift+H hotkey, it resets the view to "Today". I don't know why it wouldn't default to "Just keep scrolling for as many days as you want". If I search for a specific site immediately after opening the window, then it includes entries for more days than just today. But before searching, it cuts off my view to just today. What's the point of that? Who would want such a restriction as the default view?

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@ jotto123 :

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Hi jotto123, this support site is a bit like the emergency room, and suggestions about how to improve Firefox often get lost in the noise. To submit feature suggestions, you have many choices, depending on your desired style of interaction.

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My guess would be that History was designed so long ago that performance issues could have been a big problem. Limiting the initial display might have been done for that reason.


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