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Problems with security settings and FF profile folder

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I ran into some problems recently as I usually clear out everything that was saved in my internet folder. I go to Tools/Options/Privacy/Security/Clear Data, well, this is about a week, but an INSISTENT 267 bits are REFUSING to go and be let free from my cached web content.

Additionally, I usually run an RKILL scan, a JRT scan, and a Malwarebytes AdwCleaner scan when I've finished logging off, for security reasons. The JRT scan flagged a "staged folder" in my FF profile, and had removed it. The folder had some sort of code in it.

Um, while we're at it, is FF still using IE as a "gateway"? I know at one time it was, but I seem to be also harangued by Searchscopes.

could someone help me out, please.

I'm using FF 76.01 and windows 10.

Thanks so much in advance,


P.S. also got a report that one of my blog tabs had been breached, with an ad from Avast - is this common?


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