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How to remove a firefox account from a profile without deleting the account + mozilla login bug

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I have created a new profile from a copy of an existing profile.

The old profile is synced using OldProfileSyncEmail@etc as the email.

I don't want to sync the new profile. I want to remove the account from the sync nag box on the new profile, but I want to keep the account for use with the old profile.


Mozilla login bug:

I use another email address as login to mozilla pages: EmailForFirefoxPages@etc. This login is in Firefox 'logins & passwords"., with a different password.

I don't want to use my sync emails (which should be PRIVATE.) for forums, addons, bug reporting etc!

When I try to login to mozilla pages, the login box prepopulates with OldProfileSyncEmail@etc.

It stays prepopulated after I click "use another account".

It does not offer the correct email as an alternative, even after I DELETE the pre-populated email. (MOSTLY - one time it did???)

When I manually type in EmailForFirefoxPages@etc and click continue, the password box is STILL prepopulated with the WRONG PASSWORD - for OldProfileSyncEmail@etc. Which is NOT the password in Logins and Passwords for EmailForFirefoxPages@etc.



I deleted the OldProfileSyncEmail@ login from logins&passwords, now the moz login box prepopulates with the correct (only) login. (But if I do that on my synced accounts, the sync won't be able to log in!??).

The sync nag box is still telling me to reconnect to the deleted sync email.



Delete the account. (It is used by other profiles to sync.)



How do I fix the ff login box in my old profile where I CANNOT delete the login.

How do I get rid of the old profile's address in the sync nag in my new profile.

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  1. I have no idea as to how to identity / access to remove the Sync login with a Firefox Account with the new Lockwise scheme for Logins data. That is now hidden from the UI (user interface). A contributor with a lot more knowledge than I have with using the Browser Console might be able to answer how that can be accomplished.
  2. Firefox doesn't "do" email, so worries about Firefox synchronizing emails/
  3. Deleting a Login can be done on the about:logins page which is the new Lockwise internal "page" using the "Delete" button.
  4. As far as the "nag" from Sync, I don't understand your 2nd "question". Maybe clearing History (for browsing, download, form, and search history) on the about:preferences#privacy page would fix that.

Overall, since the Sync service has become part of the Firefox Account (FxA) scheme I figured out that it was best to have a FxA for Sync that is separate from all my other Firefox / Mozilla logins for other services such as Bugzilla, Discourse, newsletters, and this Support fora. And that discovery occurred after I ran into similar problems as you seem to be having. Five years ago I attempted to use Sync with 3 accounts for 3 separate Profiles to sync to a newly built PC; results were disastrous for multiple reasons. After a few weeks of finding missing extensions and related data files, I "threw in the towel" and just created another 3 new Profiles and copied the "old" Profiles over to the new PC. And since Quantum has been around for so long with so many new types of user data files that won't work as well as it once did - I guess.

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Try to rename/remove weave folder and the signedInUser.json file in the Firefox profile folder with Firefox closed.

Lockwise hides the chrome://FirefoxAccounts entry in logins.json that stores the Sync credentials, so you can't remove this entry via Lockwise.

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