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RAM exhaustion - PC crash

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My PC often crashes. It looks like the issue comes from RAM exhaustion.

Example extracted from system logs: Source: Resource-Exhaustion-Detector Event ID: 2004 Windows a diagnostiqué avec succès une insuffisance en mémoire virtuelle. La plus grande consommation de mémoire virtuelle s’est répartie entre les programmes suivants : firefox.exe (13952) avec 416788480 octets, firefox.exe (6456) avec 248070144 octets et firefox.exe (11376) avec 243785728 octets.

I have reduced the parameter "Nombre maximum de processus de contenu" from 8 (default) to 6 -> my PC still crashes with the same error.

I have tried deactivating modules, safe mode, uninstall, reinstall... -> quite similar

How can I check and improve firefox RAM usage?

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How much RAM do you have on your computer? If you have 4 GB or more, you should have plenty to run all of Windows 10, including Firefox, unless you have an actual hardware error, such as a memory chip not seated properly in its socket. That might be the most common cause of memory problems.

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Hi David, I have 4GB. I will run a mem test and post the results.

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mem test results successful: Le Diagnostic de mémoire Windows a testé la mémoire de l’ordinateur et n’a détecté aucune erreur.

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I'm glad for that. However, as I said, that is all I can suggest. I hope someone else helps you here. I have no other ideas.