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I had to reinstall Firefox on my desktop and I don't know how to get my tabs and bookmarks back. Is there a way I can sync them from my tablet to my desktop?

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I have years of important bookmarks that I can't seem to access from the reinstalled Firefox browser. Please help.


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When you reinstall Firefox, it's often detected as a new installation of Firefox. In that case, Firefox creates a new blank profile folder on your computer. However, your existing profile folder is likely still on your computer.

If you go to the about:profiles page in Firefox, you will see a list of every profile folder on your computer. If you have more than one listed, it's likely that the other one has your previous data. You can use the Launch profile in new browser button to see which profile has the information you are looking for and then use the Set as default profile button to make sure that Firefox will open that profile folder each time you start Firefox.

If you only have one profile listed for some reason, you can alternatively use the Firefox Sync system to sync data between your tablet and your computer. See Sync bookmarks, tabs, history and passwords on Android for information on how to setup Sync on your tablet (assuming it's Android-based) and How do I set up Sync on my computer? for information on how to setup Sync on your desktop.

It's much more reliable to restore your profile folder, as I described above. However, even after you have recovered your profile folder, you may want to look into using Firefox Sync because it will automatically copy your data between your multiple devices. This could be beneficial for you if you are using Firefox on multiple devices.

Hope this helps.