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Firefox removes my addons every time I close it on MacBook Pro. How do I stop this?

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I just downloaded Firefox on my new 2019 16" MacBook Pro. Firefox is having issues. I went in and downloaded all of my add-ons (Dashlane, honey, Grammarly ETC) and everything worked great. I closed Firefox and loaded it back up.. they were all gone. I figured it was a spoof so I re-downloaded them again got them all setup and everything was great again. I closed Firefox again and you can guess it... they were gone again.

I attempted to delete everything from Firefox on my Mac and start with a fresh install figuring that may solve the problem. But, even with every single Firefox file deleted I still have files that I cannot delete with one being called "Firefox Alias" which is a 2KB shortcut that every time I click on it, it populates a disk with the Firefox logo on it to my desktop. And, another that just says "Firefox" that's again and Alias that I cannot delete.

How do I fix this problem, or should I move on to Chrome?

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Have you moved the firefox.app file into the applications folder on your Mac or are you attempting to open Firefox directly using the downloaded .dmg file?

You should not open Firefox directly from the .dmg file because it will always be detected as a new install and a new Firefox profile folder will get created for you. That will mean that anything you did to Firefox previously will not be opened up.

Instead, you need to copy the firefox.app file from the .dmg file into your applications folder. See How to download and install Firefox on Mac.

Once you've done that, you can open Firefox using that copied file. None of your previous changes will be there, but if you go to the about:profiles page in Firefox, all of your previous profile folders will be listed there, one of which should be your most recent changes that you made.

Hope this helps.