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firefox login username and password breached

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i think my firefox login got hacked by spammer/hacker/fisher. NOW HOW DO I KNOW THIS? i got extortion email with my Firefox login and password. NOTE:i did't use same password twice so there is no chance that he got password from another site/software/service

attached screenshot contains my Firefox account user mail with my old Firefox password now as web professional i know things about spam email but spam email with username and password is not a joke?

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hello, if you look up your email address that received the extortion on https://haveibeenpwned.com/ does it show up in any known data breaches and if so is there really no chance that you used the same combination for another service (also in the past)?

i'm just asking because there is no such known breach for the firefox account service and those scammers aren't usually known for their technical sophistication, they are just scanning publicly available username/password combinations from past breaches and sending extortion mails on that basis (the rdp/keylogger/pornsite claims are nonsense).

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thanks @philipp for quick reply 1- from https://haveibeenpwned.com/ its show historical breaches on my email but same combination of username and password doesn't use any other than Firefox.

2-as working in tech industry past few year i know that keylogger/pornsite claims are nonsense but what surprises me is he got my actual password + user login combination only used for Firefox

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if that's what you believe has happened i think it would be best to reach out via email to security@mozilla.org for the appropriate team to handle this. thank you

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Yes will do, thanks for help

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my saved log ins were deleted, can i still get them back? thank you very much