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Audio is muted invisibly at seemingly random intervals.

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Audio randomly stops. Mostly noticed on youtube. Audio cuts out after 2-30 minutes so testing is difficult. Videos will continue to play but the audio cuts out. The volume setting on the video is not effected, the mute icon on the tab is not indicated. Other audio sources on the PC continue when the audio in firefox stops. Stopping and starting the video can make the audio play again but not always right away. This can happen on all videos, the audio is not missing from the videos, clicking back to where the audio stopped after getting the audio to play again reveals the audio is in the video.

I tried giving permission in firefox for youtube to autoplay with audio and video, the problem still occurred.

I have not seen this happen in chrome. Testing playing the same video at the same time resulted in the firefox audio eventually cutting out and the chrome audio continuing.

It happens even when nothing else is running and when I am not doing anything else on the computer so I'm reasonably confident this is an issue in firefox.

It still happens after "restarting firefox with add-ons disabled".

First noticed on version 74.1 but it has continued to happen on 75.0

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No one else seemed to have this problem so I started looking at programs that automatically update and then shutdown some services that they were running and the problem seems to have gone away. Still firefox v75.0 so looks like this probably wasn't a firefox thing. It was probably something in steam or plex but I made a few changes at once so cant be sure.