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Toolbar icons to have colors again

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From Firefox version 47+ icons have been changed to have outline style. I couldn't figure out how I could replace or revert them to the good old colorful ones. I know this is the trend nowadays but wireframe icons still look unprofessional and are hardly recognizable at first. I want colored icons with shades and gradients. For back/forward, refresh and home navigation buttons. For Downloads button. For the show sidebars button.

Where can I get these icons? Should I extract them from a previous version or are they still there in new versions?

How can I change them? Do I need to overwrite files in the installation folder or is there a configuration option?

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Hi highbaser, you could look into using custom style rules in a userChrome.css file for this. For example, from here:

(I haven't tried those in recent years.)


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