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With whatsapp-web in FF video doesn't load. On the same PC with Chrome and Whatsapp-web this problem doesn't occur. Any clue?

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The video is shown as a blurred picture with a download button in it, next to the size. Clicking the button yields to nothing than a turning wheel and the video isn't shown. The error message looks like this: 2020-04-07T17:22:33.638521+02:00 AlMa plasmashell[2153]: qt.qpa.xcb: QXcbConnection: XCB error: 2 (BadValue), sequence: 16517, resource id: 121634819, major code: 142 (Unknown), minor code: 3

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Sometime, it may be a version error. Please update your firefox browser to the latest version and try to load whatsapp web again.


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Sometime, but alas, not this time.

My Firefox was release 68, which came with Open Suse Leap 15.1 that I installed this weekend (update from 15.0). I have downloaded FF release 76, got all my tabs back, and whatsapp-web too, but the video's in my messages still don't load. Again, with Chrome and whatsapp-web this problem doesn't occur.

Originally with Open Suse Leap 15.0 and the standard FF version (probably much older than 68) the problem wasn't there too.

One would blame the update of Open Suse, but with the Chrome browser there is no problem with whats-app videos

Yours, Marc


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