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Problem with making my my default windows and firefox email link to preferences

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Good morning. I currently use my hotmail account as my main one and want to use it for my 'email link' on Firefox. When I went into Windows 10 settings to set my default email it gives me mail, microsoft edge or to look in the app store. I have looked in the store and found the outlook app and installed it. Yet it still does not show in the choices available.

I open the Microsoft Mail app and go to add my hotmail account under 'manage accounts.' When I do the first option is my hotmail yet when I click on it I consistently get the message that something went wrong and it can't do that. I get error code 0X80004005 which when I tried to get more information online referred to Windows XP.

When I click a tab to email a link from Firefox it defaults to my Yahoo but even if I have the Mail app as a choice when it goes to choose an account to connect to it there is none shown and I just have to cancel out of it.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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Are you just trying to make the webmail website open when you click the "Email this link" button?

If that's the case, I made a browser extension to do that. That way you don't need to have the Outlook mail program installed.

NOTE: Hotmail, Live and Outlook email addresses all direct to the service.

Once you have the browser extension installed, you can just set Firefox as your default mail program in the Windows 10 settings if you want to have external mail buttons open in the website too.

Hopefully I understand your question correctly and hope this helps.


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