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Mac touch bar stops working properly after window focus change

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I'm currently on macOS Catalina 10.15.4 (64 bit), but ever since I upgraded to Catalina, the touch bar support in Firefox started acting up. This is probably not reproducible to other users, as I couldn't find anything on this on the web.

Steps to reproduce: 1. open Firefox (touch bar shows app controls as expected) 2. switch focus to different app 3. switch focus back to Firefox

Expected behaviour: Touch bar shows Firefox app controls

Actual behaviour: Touch bar shows function keys

Reproducible on: regular release - 74.0 beta - 75.0b11 ESR - 68.6.0esr

Not reproducible on: nightly - 76.0a1

Because this is not reproducible on nightly, I suspect this might not be due to my system setup.

I have the touch bar set up this way in system: Touch bar shows: App Controls; Show Control Strip: checked Press Fn Key to: Show F1, F2, etc. Keys

I have tried reinstalling Firefox, deleting my profile, deleting any Firefox/Mozilla related files I could find, but nothing helped. The nightly build is the only way I have found to get rid of this.

Any help is highly appreciated.

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Facepalm, I had Firefox configured to show Funciton keys on the touch bar in the System Preferences. I must have done this long ago, before I switched to chrome for some reason. Not that I want to go back to Firefox, I forgot that I had set it up.


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