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html5 video not displaying

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Trying to set up HTML5 peer-peer video conferencing. Its working on Chrome but not Firefox. I have looked at all the available solutions. I have reinstalled firefox; I have checked that media.windows.foundation is set to "true"; I have checked in "safe mode".

This challenge is an issue which occurs 90% of the time. I have yet to assess what conditions occur when html5 video is finally displayed. I can only say that display only occurrred once today and that was when I first inspected the site this morning.

This situation is occurring both in Firefox and the developer edition. Firefox is latest edition and there are no plugins

Any suggestions?

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Based in UK. Can you direct me to a UK number please?

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Number provided came up twice as no answer and then invalid. I am now also being asked to pay to contact.

Is there a UK number to call please; ....or a time when I will be able to connect with someone?

Được chỉnh sửa bởi John345 vào

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Please read this article: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/hello-status

There are some links to webRTC servers.

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Thanks :-)

Plenty of chat options out there, but I specifically wish to have this issue resolved for Firefox browsers.

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I'm not really sure, how to reproduce this issue. How do you try to run the video connection?

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This is one of the pages I've looked at. It explains a very similar issue I am facing, but there is no solution...


I have checked my extensions; I have none.

My camera light is on and permissions have been granted for the site I am using.

It works on chrome and my mobile.

I have selected about:config and requested a list according to: media*enable; nothing is bold

I'm looking for a solution that goes beyond standard tests that I can find online, that generally list what I've tried above.

Firefox v74.0 (64bit)

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The phone number you saw or received earlier is a scam. Please do not attempt to call that number.

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Did you check the Web Console ?

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Loaded the following URL: https://www.onlinemictest.com/webcam-test/

From what I can see from the web console I see the following related to the "webcam test":

1. Cannot play media. No decoders for requested formats: text/html

2. The script from “https://fra1-ib.adnxs.com/rd_log?an_audit=0&referrer=https%3…est%2F,https%3A%2F%2Fwww.onlinemictest.com%2Fwebcam-test%2F&” was loaded even though its MIME type (“text/html”) is not a valid JavaScript MIME type.

3. Source map error: Error: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource. Resource URL: https://acdn.adnxs.com/video/outstream/ANOutstreamVideo.js Source Map URL: http://video.devnxs.net/rel/OutstreamRenderer/4.6.8-HF2/1581449798494/ANOutstreamVideo.js.map

4. The script from “https://s.update.rubiconproject.com/2/873648/analytics.js?si…0Gecko%2F20100101%20Firefox%2F75.0&dt=8736481428691810142000” was loaded even though its MIME type (“”) is not a valid JavaScript MIME type.

5. The script from “https://fra1-ib.adnxs.com/rd_log?an_audit=0&referrer=https%3…est%2F,https%3A%2F%2Fwww.onlinemictest.com%2Fwebcam-test%2F&” was loaded even though its MIME type (“text/html”) is not a valid JavaScript MIME type.

I have also clicked the network tab, but no clues.


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Oops - repeated what had already been posted .....

Được chỉnh sửa bởi McCoy vào

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John345 said

I have looked at all the available solutions. Loaded the following URL: https://www.onlinemictest.com/webcam-test/

It works. You didn't provide the camera permission for that website. You need also the Autoplay video permission.

See How to manage your camera and microphone permissions with Firefox.

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It doesn't on my Firefox browser. It has permission but there is no option for autoplay.

For the other site I am testing on, autoplay is turned on



Được chỉnh sửa bởi John345 vào

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What I mean is that you don't explain precisely what happens. What does happen with the video view of the other person ? Is this grey ? black ? Is there a question asked ? an error message ?