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Why is firefox showing 6 processes in my process list?

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It's on an older machine but updating my hardware is not an option right now. I don't have this problem on any of my newer machines. I've been using firefox exclusiverly on multiple machines for more than 15 years and I have never had this or any issues until now.

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per this thread ( https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1183315 )

Hi, this is Multiprocess which is normal, but if you are having slowness/hanging issues, try reducing the number of multiprocesses: Go to Options > General - Performance, then deselect 'Use recommended performance settings' and change 'Content process limit' to a smaller number - try 1. See - Firefox's performance settings, and Startup, home page, tabs, and download settings.

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This is exactly what I needed. Thank you very much.

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Even after deselecting "Use Recommended Performance Settings" and changing "Content process limit" to 1, Firefox shows (4) on Task Manager..

What am I doing wrong?

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Having the same problem. Dropped process limit to 1 and F.F. only went from 6 to 5.