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Firefox with a terrible BigInt support in JS

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Firefox is my favourite browser, but it has some problems. Although the team managed to fix memory leak issues with BigInt in js, but the performance is 3x slower than NodeJS compared to the latest spidermonkey (75.0b6).

To test out, I have created a simple pi calculator (open source), the website is: http://picalc.rf.gd/

The source code can be found on github, or just by clicking the "View Page Source". It seems impossible to get past 4,000 digits of Pi in firefox but in chromium I can calculate about 10,000 digits in the time firefox does 4,000 digits.

Previously, in the earlier versions (73 I guess), the memory went all the way up to 4 gigabytes while trying to calculate 5,000 digits, it's now (my current firefox version is 75.0b4, developer edition).

For the benchmarks, I have also tried NodeJS and Firefox's Spidermonkey.

Được chỉnh sửa bởi Sourav vào

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HI Sourav:

Please post developer questions on stack overflow and tag them firefox: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/firefox

There are a few developer-oriented folks here but most people helping here are not developers and all of us are more focused on user issues rather than software development issues.