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Stop resetting about:config settings on update! Can this "feature" be turned off?

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These settings right here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1280071

They get reset with every update. This needs to stop. Can I turn this off so that I don't have to keep resetting them?

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Are you running Beta/Developer Edition? They do change more frequently to gather testing data.

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It's developer edition but that shouldn't reset UI features.

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I've never noticed losing pref settings with DE or Beta versions.

Did you confirm that you still use the same profile ?

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Considering the amount of things that would be different and I would notice at a glace, yes, it's the same profile.

This has happened three times now:

1. Once on work physical box 2. Once on work virtual server where I do dev work 3. Once at home on my main PC.

It should be noted that the dev work instance uses default settings for everything, no extensions, and only has bookmarks added.

In all cases, updates to the browser resets the config settings. Right now, it's just an annoyance but in a dev environment where you're running/testing automation, this could potentially cause problems.