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facebook container

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Hello good people, This is rather a request for advice than an issue report. I' ve learned about the facebook container add-on and wanted to know if there is a need for it if someone was making sure to exclusively open facebook.com in its own profile. Say you set up a profile(from about:profiles) namely "BIg Brothers" for notorious trackers like google, facebook , twitter etc so they can perpetually track each other with simple rules to observe like : - Never open an external(shared) link - Never access any other website through that profile.

Is there a particular feature the add-on is bringing up that the native interface is missing ? The other reason is add-ons are great but they tend to bloat the system impeding the browsing experience. I am the kind of guy who opens 7 concurrent tabs each running heavy js code so the lighter the better.

Thank you in advance,


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More or less, the Facebook Container (and containers in general) add-on essentially do the same thing as running in two profiles. It keeps all Facebook separate from your other browsing.

Probably the biggest difference between the two is the fact that everything will be in one place. Rather than having a separate profile with separate bookmarks, it's all in the same profile. And of course the Facebook Container would also prevent you from accidentally logging into the wrong profile.

The only other notable thing that I can think of is that the Facebook Container also isolates certain Facebook development features on other websites (like embedded like buttons or embedded comments or a "login with Facebook" button). But that doesn't really make a huge difference, since you aren't logged into your Facebook account on the profile that you use for your regular browsing.

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Thank you for the insights Wesley, the profile config worked well so far so it is not worth the download for me. Maybe Mozilla could built a native profile acting as a container for facebook and the likes that one could activate via about:config or something like that.

Warm Regards,

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minu facebook on häkitud