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Since changing my security from AVG to Kaspersky on my desktop, Firefox wil not access my gmail account Just the https header . How do I fix this?

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I also run Firefox on my laptop & android phone. No problems there ???

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Hello johnbgrier,

I did a deep search into the internet and I found that your problem isn't Firefox, it's Kaspersky. Fortunately, it has a fix.

Please visit this page to a solution of a similar problem you had.

Hopefully it is fixed,


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I did follow the instructions found on "How to trouble shoot ...", then "The error occurs ...", then Kapersky. Rebooted, but there seemed to be no change. Went to the Firefox heading and removed all cookies, etc. cleaning out all history. Then reloaded Gmail. It re-loaded the initial 'first-time' user info and password. And then it came right up?

In short, I am not sure if it was the instructions from "the community" or removing the cookies and history, or both. But it is now working.

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