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Firefox will not launch using Mac OS X 10.14.6

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When Firefox is launched, a Finder Message reads: "The application “Firefox.app” can’t be opened." After problems with Firefox (possibly related to Kaspersky Internet Security software), I finally resorted to: a) uninstalling and deleting all Kaspersky software (which had no effect), b) deleting all Firefox and Mozilla files, and c) reinstalling a new downloaded version of Firefox. Firefox still will still not launch when the Firefox icon in the Applications folder is clicked. The so-called safe-mode launch is not available when the Option key was used for launch. I can launch the new version of Firefox using a Terminal command (which also restores previous in-use windows and website pages that were in use), but no web pages will load anyway.

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Hi georgerussel, please ignore the spam message promoting an unofficial phone number.

(Sorry, I don't know where to find more information on a Mac about why a program doesn't start normally.)