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Need FIrefox (32-bit) - am willing to help upgrade from 52.9.0 - what can I do?

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Am using the ESR channel for Firefox (32-bit), and am at the latest version 52.9.0 My Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 is running WIndowXP SP3 Two issues: (1) Am running into problems with one or two sites who appear to be lax about initializing their variables. The workaround is to reload a page once or twice. Or, in the case of input being required, to enter incorrect data the first time. My assumption is that new browsers are more "forgiving". (2) Flash is being discontinued. Will Firefox 52.9.0 (32 bit) be able to cope with what I assume is the move too HTML 5 Happy to help in anyway with either or both issues.

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Hi LJL, you are already running the latest/last version of Firefox available for Windows XP.

For the reloading, how about Ctrl+Shift+R to bypass cached values?

Websites that rely on Flash will need to migrate their content to more modern technologies. I think the main problem in your case will be be MPEG-encoded audio and video, since Firefox's HTML5 player needs the Windows Media Foundation that Microsoft only released for Vista and higher. You may find that even more videos can't be played on XP when sites switch away from Flash.

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Ref bypassing cached values, there are none. When Firefox closes, cache is cleared. And I run CCleaner. So when I open a page, there is no cache. The reloading tends to be with BBC Radio. A university site has just started giving a 90% blank landing page, resolved by clicking on the visible 10%, showing goto HOME.
Hence my assumption that there is some initialization problem. Because newer browsers perform these basic programming duties.

Ref the player, I understand what you are stating, that I am doomed.

However, am willing to help myself, and others using XP. NOTE:Google shows 4.54billion people on the Internet. w3schools shows 0.2% using XP. Approximately 9.1million people affected.