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firefox 73 will not load webpages so can not access about:config or anything else. Other browsers work.

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Windows 10. Upgraded, as recommended by Mozilla, to FF 73. Disastrous. Not one web page will load, including any involving Firefox; thus, suggestions to do blah blah via about:config, or ANYTHING ELSE INVOLVING ACCESSING A FIREFOX WEBPAGE is worthless, since Firefox 73 will not load any web page. I uninstalled. Installed 73. No help. I now have "Old Firefox Data" on desktop, but it is useless, since requires pasting to something in Firefox 73. What a diabolical Catch 22 or 23 or something.

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hello, at affected users said a similar problem was caused with custom exploit protection rules for firefox under windows 10 or running the browser in compatibility mode for windows 7...


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