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suspicious IP address

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For the last several days McAfee has blocked the following IP address as being suspicious. When I Google searched this IP address FF lit up with a red warning message. What's up with this address? Also, is there a better forum to get more information about this address? Thanks

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That's the same here: ipinfo

But not much said at the: McAfee Threat Center

Maybe a false positive?

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I Google searched it again in FF and, again, I got a big red FF warning page saying deceptive site ahead and that FF blocked it like McAfee. So I don't know at this point. Should I contact McAfee or another forum?

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If it's a false positive at McAfee why would I get a red warning page from FF saying deceptive site ahead and FF blocked it?

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arejfour said

If it's a false positive at McAfee . . .

You should inform them of this issue.

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I contacted Mcafee (trusted source) and they reviewed and acknowledged that this site is safe. They will be updating their ratings for this site. Thanks

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Working together - good job!

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