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Why do you use source control system that has restrection for users in a specific country? its against to freedom

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i want to contribute develop the Firefox, you need GitHub account for developing. I live in a country that they have restricted/blocked my account because of US sanctions. what should i do now? you claim to Freedom, and you use some services that has restriction for just because of i born over here? there is many many other services for version control and source-control such as GitLab or etc, that very very shameful you don't mind us

The GitHub Message:

Due to U.S. trade controls law restrictions, your GitHub account has been restricted. This means we have suspended access to private repository services and paid services for your account. For free individual accounts, you still have access to free GitHub public repository services (such as public repositories for open source projects and associated GitHub Pages and Gists). If you believe your account has been flagged in error, and you are not located in or resident in a sanctioned region, please file an appeal. Please read about GitHub and Trade Controls for more information.

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hi, mercurial is used as source control system for Firefox, not GitHub...


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I'm not sure which part of the Mozilla website asked me to login through the GitHub, but i guess it was bugzilla as you can see in the image on first post. Thank you.

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You do not need a GitHub account to be able to sign into or use the Mozilla Bugzilla instance.