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Cannot find profile with bookmarks, etc.

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Had to reinstall Firefox for Mac because of constant force quits, now I can't find my latest profile that includes bookmarks, etc. Tried using Time Machine back up. Tried reinstalling again. No difference. Please be kind. The fact that I own an iMac should indicate that I am tech-impaired. ;-)

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Please bear with me -- I don't want to do more damage than I have already.

So, if I go to my external hard drive and copy the Firefox profile information from Sunday, then go to my Mac library, open the corresponding folder, and paste it there, I should be OK?

I do SO much better with phone support, because I can repeat the instructions back to them before I do anything.

Again, I appreciate your help and patience, Fred.

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Yes. Remember to Copy the files.

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Hey, FredMcD: I tried the backup method, but I still have nothing from my previous versions.

At this point, am I better off scheduling an appointment at an Apple Store and let them figure it out?

It just doesn't seem possible that this should be this difficult.

Thanking you in advance for any advice.

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If that is what you want. Create a copy of the instructions here and give then to the tech.

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I will do so. Sorry I'm so dense about this. I thank you for your help and kindness.