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Video not starting play

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Hello, videos doesn't start on coub.com. Sound is able, but there is no animation of the picture, I see only a preview and it's works this way only for specific coub - in main page i can see all popular videos without broblems. What diagnostic files should I attach to my request? The cache of browser was cleared, autoplay in the site settings (in the addressbar) also had to be turned on

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Hi alive.corpse,

Try starting Firefox in it's Safe Mode to see if the problem persists.

Safe Mode will temporarily disable your extensions and themes, turn off hardware acceleration and reset toolbar and button customizations. When you leave Safe Mode and start Firefox up normally, your extensions, themes, and settings will return to the state they were in before you entered Safe Mode.

With Firefox open: select Menu select Help select Restart With Add-ons Disabled on the dialog select Restart on the next dialog select Start In Safe Mode (Do Not select Refresh)

With Firefox closed: press and hold the Shift (in Mac: Option) key launch Firefox on the dialog select Start In Safe Mode (Do Not select Refresh) ______________________________________________________

Visit the site to see if the problem persists. If the site works well it's probably one of your extensions causing the issue. ______________________________________________________

To quit Safe Mode: select Menu select Help select Restart With Add-ons Enabled

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Yes, I already tried it, and it didn’t help me. Moreover, I can to open some videos, and some - not But today, after the update released a couple of hours ago, everything began to work fine I don’t exclude that these were problems of the engine of the coub itself or something like that, or maybe it’s something related to the flash player, which they’re going to turn off by the end of the year Where can I see the patchout for the latest browser updats? I'm not good at coding, but anyway want to look at all changes^^"""""