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DNS over HTTPS configuration

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Preferences > General > Network Settings > Settings ... > Enable DNS over HTTPS > Use Provider > Select Custom In the next empty box named Custom, is ONLY one DNS IP required, or can multiple IPs be entered? If multiple IPs are allowed, are they separated by commas? If more than one IP is entered, is the second ignored, or used as a fall-back? Seems like this should be in the documentation, but I haven't found it.

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I think that the Custom box can only have one URL (-> network.trr.custom_uri). There is a network.trr.resolvers pref that can keep an array of resolvers in JSON format.

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Which provider do you want to use?

For example, if you want to use Cloudflare, you just need to choose from the drop-down.

For another example, if you want to use Google, then you need to enter the address for its DoH endpoint:


Source: https://security.googleblog.com/2019/06/google-public-dns-over-https-doh.html

Did you have a different one in mind?

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