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Firefox Crashing

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My Firefox crashes all the time, but never creates a Crash Report in About:Crashes & never send me a notice about crashing. Many actions cause it to crash. Here are some: downloading from another site; printing from email like emailed tickets; clicking on some items in Firefox Options, opening a second window in Firefox.. There seems to be no specific pattern. I have uninstalled & installed again several times. & I have also updated. Nothing helps or stops the crashing. It is very frustrating & inconvenient. I have run anti-virus & malware scans. I prefer Firefox to Chrome, but may have to change my default browser if this crashing problem cannot be fixed. Please advise. It might be useful if I could actually talk to someone. thank you. Jonathan Rose xxx xxx-xxxx

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jonathan.rose said

Should I go back to the regular & go through the steps outlined above?

If you try something, and the problem is gone, that tells up the cause.

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