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FFX won't open new tab on clicking an email link

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I use Hotmail/Outlook email. Lately, I've noticed that when I click on an email link and FFX is already open, FFX "times out" on the second link. I have to close FFX and click the link again, so that FFX is brought up from "square one," and the link opens normally. Why can't I just open a new tab for each new link without having to close FFX?

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Launch Mozilla Firefox and navigate to

the Web page that contains the 

links you want to open in new tabs. 2.

Hold down "Ctrl" and click a

link to open it in a new tab.


Make Firefox automatically switch

to newly opened tabs by opening the
"Options" window, clicking "Tabs," and
then enabling the
"When I open a link in a new tab,
switch to it immediately" option.

.................................................. I think it should be an option

"Open in new tab stays on current" 

checkbox. If I wanted to go

to the new page immediately, 

why not just open it in the current. By the way, in Firefox, "Open in new tab" keeps you on the current.

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Dnushi Dhanjani, Thanks. However, opening multiple links from a webpage wasn't the problem; the problem is (or was) that when I clicked on multiple links in an email (not on a webpage, as you described), every tab after the first hung FFX up, so I had to close the browser and re-click the email link. This may only happen with certain emails; I created an email with three web links, and sent it to myself. All the links opened in new tabs, and none hung up, so it seems I can't duplicate the problem myself. I guess I'll wait until (if) the problem shows up again.

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I have a similar problem, when I click on the hotmail/outlook link on the msn homepage the new tab tries to open but nothing happens. If I close the new tab and then click on the link again, the new tab opens normally. I have created a new profile. I uninstalled FF using Revo uninstaller and cleaned all FF artifacts, then reinstalled the browser. I tried safe mode. I refreshed FF. Nothing has helped, and I'm having the same problem on both computers, one laptop and one desktop both running FF 76.0, Windows10 Pro 1909

Please disregard this post, I solved my problem. It turned out that Ccleaner was set to delete an outlook cookie that was needed to open the link. I set that cookie to be saved and all is well.......

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