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Where does Lockwise get my info from?

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I am logged in as user 2. I am accessing my browser via an account created for user 2. Yet, my usernames and passwords for user 1 ( most of which I never accessed on this laptop) is available to user 2!!!!

How do I stop this? user 2 does not need access to user 1's usernames NOR passwords!

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Hi LorraineJoubert, starting in Firefox 70, the user interface for Firefox's Password Manager changed from a pop-up style to the Lockwise style. However, the data should not change, and the way Sync works should not change.

Saved logins are stored locally and can be shared with other installations of Firefox using Sync. If you only ever connected the currently running Firefox with Firefox Account 2, then you shouldn't have acquired logins from Firefox Account 1, since they are separate accounts. I can't explain why that happened.

At this point, if you have locally saved logins you don't want on your currently running Firefox, you need to remove those saved logins from your current Firefox profile. You can do that using:

"3-bar" menu button > Logins and Passwords

If your current Firefox profile is connected to Firefox Account 2, this probably will remove them from Firefox Account 2 as well, and that change should Sync to any Firefox connected to Firefox Account 2. You may want to check your connected devices list to make sure that is what you want to happen.