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Firefox icon replaced with white sheet of paper on taskbar

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Encountered this problem two days ago. A reboot didn't do anything. I don't remember doing anything else either. Running on Windows 10 latest version. Thank you. :)

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I take it you are talking about the computer's taskbar? Close Firefox. Right-click the icon and unpin it.

Now, start the browser and pin it again. Is the problem still there?

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Tried that; still have the same problem.

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Yeah, problem persists on my end.

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Hello wilpaulcabrera and atragan3,

Would you please watch this video (and the comments under the video) :


And then read the OPs last two posts in this thread (and all other suggestions as well) :


Any good ?

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One of the suggestions, about using the change logo property from within the Firefox logo within the white box, finally worked after about three tries. I think it only worked with Firefox open, but I wouldn't swear to it.


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That was very good work. Well Done. Please flag your last post as Solved Problem as this can help others with similar problems.

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Would be happy to, if I knew how.

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atragan3 said

Would be happy to, if I knew how.

As you found the solution in my first post :   you can mark my post as Chosen Solution by clicking on the   "Solved the problem"   butto to the right of my (first) post ....

Thank you in advance !

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I have this problem as well. I can usually fix it by unpinnning the white sheet of paper from the taskbar, opening TB from the program list, and re-pinning to the taskbar.

But, often Windows 10 cuts my work in half, by simply deleting TB from the taskbar when a Windows Update runs. Then I just start and re-pin, and I'm good for a while.

But the TB icon is not reliably kept on the taskbar.