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An important Bookmark folder dissappered again!

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I hate it when a Bookmark disappears that is an important one and takes a lot of time to try to find it. I don't remember IE11 having this problem. This shouldn't recur. How can I quickly find a Bookmark folder titled "Glyphosate" that is a subfolder of a Bookmark folder titled, "Herbicides, Surfactants, Etc" in the parent folder titled "From Internet Explorer"? If I do a search for the word Glyphosate, it appears to find the individual bookmarks but if I hover over it or right click on it, no path is shown. So I have no idea where the Glyphosate folder is in my Bookmarks.


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As silly as it would seem, Firefox has never had a bookmark search feature that provided a "path to" the folder where a particular bookmark was saved. It's been close to 10 years with the current Places scheme for bookmarks, browsing history & downloads history, and the developers have never seen fit to add that type of feature to Firefox after many requests over the years for adding that feature.

There have been a few different extensions over the years that added that feature to Firefox, and now with Quantum this is what's available. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/bookmark-search-plus-2/

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The Add-On you mentioned sounded just like what I need. Thanks, but after clicking on the Add to Firefox button though, there was a popup listing all of the permissions it needed, which was highly invasive and over the top. See attached image. So I did not add it.

Surely, there is a easy way to find a folder in Bookmarks without allowing software to track your web browsing. I need to find the folder mentioned above, preferably soon.

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I exported my Bookmarks, did a search and found the folder I was looking for and moved it to the correct place. So now the latest Bookmark issue has been resolved---but my Bookmark folders should stay put.

I have had a problem lately where Firefox (70.0.1) appears to crash and restore itself. As I recall it was suggested to run it in Safe mode. No new Add-ons or anything else has been added lately unless it was done automatically.

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Those are standard permissions needed for that extension to do its thing; not "tracking" you. It works inside Firefox and doesn't send any information outside of Firefox.

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You can open a bookmark in a tab (possibly in offline mode to prevent a redirect or access the page) and click the highlighted star to open the "Edit this Bookmark" dialog. The Folder line should show the current folder in the bookmarks tree (use the scrollbar).

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How do I open a Bookmark in a Tab and do as you mentioned? I haven't found the Offline mode.

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You can find the "Work Offline" menu item in a few places.

  • File -> Work Offline
    you can tap the Alt key or press the F10 key to show the hidden Menu Bar temporarily

"3-bar" Firefox menu button -> Web Developer -> Work Offline

By 'open a bookmark in a tab' I mean just double-click or middle-click a bookmark to go to the web page. For one or two bookmarks you can use this method to get the bookmarks path, but this won't help for a long list of bookmark search results.

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An important Bookmark folder disappeared again on a Windows 10 computer! When will this issue be resolved? Now, I'm going to have to waste time trying to find it. The last two times, I inadvertently selected Delete when attempting to do another operation. I hit CTRL + Z and it was restored but then it disappeared without doing anything---just watching the screen!

I exported the Bookmarks and did a Search and the Bookmark folder is no longer there! Why is this and how can I restore it?

After doing dome more looking, I found that all the Bookmarks that were in the folder that had disappeared were dumped in the area where the parent folder was. So I then individually moved them into a new folder by the same name and made subfolders. Actually, the same thing happened last time, as I recall when a parent folder disappeared.

It would be nice if this was fixed so it wouldn't reoccur!

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I Also Suffered From The Same Problem I Bookmarked My Favorite Websites And The One I Use Mostly But It Got Disappeared Please Solve This Issue ASAP...

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