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Bookmarks often use only default icon, tho sites have own custom icon.

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I have -lots- of toolbar bookmarks. I remove all the text from bookmarks, leaving just the icons so takes less space. I depend on the site's icon to identify bookmarks, but many sites, all with their own custom icons, refuse to use it, opting instead for the default "globe" thing. I want to fix that, but despite many searches I find no help on the web. This problem has continued through many Firefox updates, including the most recent.

 So, how do I force bookmarks to use the unique, site-specific icons? For example, Reddit.

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This is normal if you have just recently imported your bookmarks from another browser, a backup or Firefox Sync. Firefox uses that default icon as a placeholder and then should add the custom icon the first time that you load the website.

However, if you find that the icons aren't updating, the issue could be with a corrupted file in your Firefox profile that saves the icons.

To fix this you will want to open your Firefox profile folder on your computer and rename the favicons.sqlite file to favicons.old.

When you restart Firefox, all of your existing icons will have been erased and replaced with the default icon. However, Firefox should rebuild the icon database when you visit the websites.

Hope this helps.