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【Feature Request】Please add an option to delete user profile while uninstalling

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Currently, all the user data will be left after uninstallation of Firefox or extensions. It is convenient for the one who would like to reinstall Firefox or extensions. However, sometimes the user just want to have a clean installation. The only way is to uninstall Firefox, then install. At the first launch after reinstallation, there will be a prompt to ask whether to restore Firefox. That is super fussy and unfriendly. Why not provide an option to delete user data directly?

Chrome has a good designing about this. Hopefully Firefox can have a better one.

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Feedback requests should be made through the Firefox Help menu and select Submit Feedback... or this link.

However, I can tell you that what your suggesting is generally undesirable. Removing your Firefox profile erases all of your Firefox data, including your bookmarks and saved passwords. This is generally not something that the average person wants to do.

This is why Firefox has the Profile Manager. This is where you can remove profiles. Putting a button to remove a profile in a more prominent location would likely lead to more unintentional clicks and lost data.