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I am on FF67.0 on Win7Pro and it will not update either automatically or manually.

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I am in my late 70s and need software that works as advertised. I will not put up with software that requires lots of my time to keep working. I have a FF account for my computer (I do not have or want any other devices). I am getting thoroughly sick of the nag screen in top right corner to the point that if I cant solve this soon I WILL move to another browser. Updating is set to Auto, I have tried the other settings and they still did not help so went back to auto. I have downloaded and installed FF69 but it did not pick up any of my bookmarks etc so is totally useless and now my adblock on FF67 is broken.

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and now I am getting lots of tabs crashing - so far they have recovered but this is not making me any happier

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It appears your question posting duplicated. Please continue at https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1271253