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How do you make it so, if you're viewing your history and click on a link, you aren't brought up to the top of the list, away from the area you were viewing?

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If I'm viewing my history and have scrolled down to a specific section because I'm trying to recall things from a specific time frame or subject, it gets pretty obnoxious being pulled away from it every time I open one of the links. Opening them all at once helps, but it's still not very convenient.

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Where are you viewing your browsing history?

In the Library window? If so, if you middle-click the link that linked page will open in a new tab, while the Library window is diverted to the background - BUT the listing will be unchanged from the listing of history that you were viewing.

Using the Menu Bar drop-down? If you click a link from the History drop-down menu from the Menu Bar, the Menu drop-down will disappear every time. There is no way for the user to control that action; that is just how that menu works.

Try using the History Sidebar = {Ctrl + H} !

From the History (or Bookmarks) sidebar you can click (open in same Tab) or middle-click (to open the link in a new Tab) repeatedly, and the sidebar list won't move until you close the Sidebar. Then it resets back to the top when you re-open the Sidebar. And that way the separate Library window isn't used; uses the Sidebar of the in-focus browser window.

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When you open ax link from the history then you create a new history item and lose the context because Firefox only shows the most recent visit. As a workaround you can open a New Private Window and inspect the history links that way. In a PB mode window Firefox won't store new history, so you will stay in the same position.

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cor-el said

Firefox only shows the most recent visit.

Is there a way to see the other visits as well?

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You can use an extension.

EDIT: I noticed you created a new thread, so let continue there.

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