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Cannot right click and paste a name in bookmarks when creating a new folder

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Thursday, October 17, 2019 (1:30PM)

Cannot right click and paste a name when I’m trying to create a new folder in bookmarks: The only way for me really to tell you my problem is to show you so, please copy & paste the url below into your browser (it’s a very short video).


Thanks form you help and have a GREAT DAY!


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I'm not sure what you try to do, but what you have on the clipboard when you create a new bookmarks folder is still the heading you previously copied to the clipboard and not a suitable folder name.

When you create a new bookmark then this bookmark gets the page title as name and the URL as the location. The default folder is the "Other Bookmarks" folder. If you would want to create a new folder then you either need to type the name in the New Folder field or have placed a name on beforehand on the clipboard, so you can paste this in the New Folder field.

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Hi, Before say the last 3 Firefox version updates. When left clicking the "star" for the address bar Bookmarks drop down. When selecting "Choose..." a folder. Then selecting "New Folder". We were able to "Right click" into the new folder "Name" field. We were able to "Paste" a name within the "New Folder - Name field". For some time now, the "New Folder - Name field" doe's not respond to "Right clicking" any longer? I have been waiting patiently for YA-All to correct this relatively recent defect. As you know the "Copy / Paste" function saves time over typing. Please restore the "Paste" function for the "New Folder - Name field" on your future version updates. Thank you. Yt, Michael

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Hi Tarponton, I agree wholeheartedly that the right-click paste would be the appropriate function in the New Folder/Name field.

You can submit to the Dev Team about this at: Menu -> Help -> Submit Feedback...

In the meantime, the Ctrl + V paste will work there.

Được chỉnh sửa bởi RobertJ vào

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Hi Michael, you will need to use a keyboard shortcut for the time being.

The most commonly used shortcut for Paste is Ctrl+V (or on Mac, Command+V).

Shift+Insert is another shortcut, possibly for Windows only.