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How do i stop video playing in facebook when not logged in .

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How do i stop video playing in facebook when not logged in . FF 69 is supposed to block audio and video if set to. Mine is set to block audio and video , but only blocks audio

ff65 has https://major.io/2018/12/18/disable-autoplay-for-videos-in-firefox-65/ but still videos play on fb

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Press the Settings button in the Autoplay section of the Firefox settings and verify that you have it set to Block Audio and Video. The method that you have linked to (using the about:config options) is outdated. Firefox now has a standard option in the settings to achieve the same results. I'm just not sure if the settings saved properly when you updated Firefox and that new option was introduced.

If that doesn't help, make sure that the website(s) you are having issues with are not listed as an exception. That would allow them to override the default setting that you have selected.

If that still doesn't help, a link to an example of a website that you are having issues with would probably be helpful.

Hope this helps.

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I do not have time to be reading cookies are disable when they are not firefox accounts. if they cannot make it work why not leave it alone

I want to go back to thunderbird 60 when quicktext worked https://www.ghacks.net/2019/08/30/quicktext-for-thunderbird-lets-you-create-email-templates/

Where do i get the tbird 60 exe full

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It's never recommended to go back to an outdated version of Firefox or Thunderbird. However, Mozilla keeps a complete archive of past versions of Thunderbird here.