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request Password Manager improvements

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I am currently on Firefox 56 and I am going to stay there until Firefox improves their included Password Manager to have the same functionality as the legacy addon 'Saved Password Editor'. I have tried the included Manager on another computer and, in my opinion, it is sadly wanting. I use the features in Saved Password Editor and need them going forward. And, no, I do not want third party solutions all requiring some kind of vault.

How about it Firefox? How about stepping up and getting this done even if you have to work a deal with the author

of the legacy addon.

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First, this support forum is not the place to discuss user requests, we here deal with Firefox as released by Mozilla. Use the Help > Submit Feedback menu item to provide Feedback to Mozilla; or search Bugzilla to find similar requests about requests to restore older features and view what other Firefox users have posted already about unpopular changes that have been made to Firefox over in the past.

That said, how about providing specific features that you feel that you need for your usage of Firefox. We can deal with a specific perceived "fault" with Firefox, but it is impossible to deal with a legacy extension which the original developer gave up on or where the developer couldn't find a way to update their product to meet the requirements of Quantum WebExtensions.

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You can double-click either username and password field in the Password Manager to edit these fields. There is possibly this extension to save name and password if the website doesn't offer this.

Note that Firefox 70 will come with Firefox Lockwise builtin (about:logins) that has a feature to add a new password (Create New Login).

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